Air Pollution Control Systems Ecopure® RL Indiana Automotive Fasteners

Indiana Automotive Fasteners Continues Relationship with Dürr Systems, Inc.

Southfield, Michigan, June 23, 2017 – Dürr Systems, Inc. Clean Technology Systems Division proudly announces the award of an order for one Dürr Ecopure® RL from Indiana Automotive Fasteners in Greenfield, Indiana. This is the second Ecopure® RL to be installed at the site.

Extraordinary Confidence in the Ecopure® Rotary Valve Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RL) is Key Reason for Purchase of Second System.

Due to its unique rotary valve, the first Ecopure® RL that was installed has allowed Indiana Automotive Fasteners’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week process to sustain constant production due to the low maintenance and highest uptime reliability. Furthermore, the distinctive electric drive system that indexes Dürr’s single rotary valve replaces the need for the hydraulics or pneumatics commonly seen in conventional regenerative thermal oxidizer systems. The electric drive system especially demonstrates its value when temperatures fall below freezing during the Indiana winter. According to Chris Hart, General Manager at the Greenfield facility, “the preventive maintenance is very simple. This has not only helped with cost in parts, but labor as well.”

“With the continued growth of our customer base, IAF has had continued growth as well,” says Hart. “During the years IAF has partnered with Dürr, we have had very much success with very little down time. Dürr has been very responsive, and in a timely manner. All of Dürr’s team members are very knowledgeable and able to help IAF through the few hiccups that we have incurred with this unit.” Hart expanded, “as all of us know, uptime is most important. Dürr’s RL has done just that, and at a competitive cost.” 

With this second system on track to be installed in August of 2017, Dürr’s engineering and operations team have been working diligently to meet the quickly approaching installation schedule. The successful completion of this second project with Indiana Automotive Fasteners will further illustrate the partnership cultivated over the past seven years between the two companies. Dürr’s motto is a customer for life, and that is exactly the goal they are forging with Indiana Automotive Fasteners.  

Indiana Automotive Fasteners is part of the Japanese Aoyama Seisakusho Group, a global specialist in fasteners – nuts, bolts, and screws – for both Japanese and local automobile manufacturers. The recent expansion of their production required additional emission control. As the largest RTO supplier in the world, Dürr has the engineering expertise to provide the engineered solution that the customer requires.