Efficient exhaust air purification with Ecopure® VAR in the pharmaceutical industry

The Best Pollution Control System for the Petrochemical Industry

Southfield, Michigan, April 4th 2017 – With over 4,000 installations worldwide and 45 years of experience in air abatement, Dürr’s capabilities, knowledge, and skills make resolving any pollution control situation simple. The petrochemical industry has its own unique set of requirements and concerns when it comes to air emissions control. Dürr has three products that are ideal for the industry's specific conditions: Ecopure® RL, Ecopure® SCR, and Ecopure® VAR.

Taking the standard thermal oxidizer technology one step further, the Ecopure® RL is a state-of-the-art rotary regenerative thermal oxidizer with one of the highest thermal efficiencies in the industry. Advantages of this proprietary system are a destruction efficiency of 99%+, low maintenance costs, the opportunity for customization taking into consideration the VOCs present, and short installation and commissioning time due to a pre-assembled concept.

The Ecopure® VAR is a direct fired thermal oxidizer designed for destruction of waste gases and liquid hazardous residues with challenging calorific values. This system has been installed for a wide range of applications, has no restrictions in terms of pollutant type or quantity, is able to incinerate residual organic liquids even forming acidifying gases, and has a number of heat recovery options.
With years of proven success, the Ecopure® VAR can handle difficult process with ease.

The Ecopure® SCR serves to reduce nitrous oxides (NOx) from flue gases or process gases when high NOx conversion rates are required through selective catalytic reduction. This system can be used as a stand-alone application as well as in the flue gas cleaning stage after thermal oxidation. Additionally, it has a destruction/conversion rate of 99%+ all in one complete, turn-key system.
Dürr provides solutions that impress, integrating necessary equipment, including pretreatment and posttreatment components such as dust collection and acid scrubbers, to form a comprehensive air abatement system in one engineered process. Thanks to their years of experience, involvement in a broad range of industries, and global reach, Dürr provides the most efficient and effective pollution control systems for the petrochemical industry.