Dürr work zones – Ergonomic and flexible

Whether for sanding, spot repair or quality control, modern work zone designs in the paint shop allow workers to concentrate fully on their work.

Dürr’s work zone solutions meet the most exacting ergonomic standards thanks to sound-insulating materials for the walls and ventilation system, a modern lighting design and a pleasant sense of spaciousness.

The right work zone for any task

Modular system solutions meet the high demands for flexibility in production. The Modular Work Deck adapts to changes in production, for example. Modular units that can be serviced as needed with the EcoProFleet AGV supersede line production.

In addition to the Modular Work Deck for manual tasks in the painting process, EcoReflect from Dürr provides workers with heretofore unmatched precision for surface inspection work – to meet the highest demands on quality.

Dürr's work zone benefits

  • Modular and flexible
  • Optimized lighting design
  • Sound-deadening room design
  • Best possible energy efficiency
  • Maximum productivity