Test Center Modular Assembly

Testing of assembly processes or a variable work station design – no problem with FAStplant®, the modular assembly system. With this simple modular system an assembly line of pre mounted and tested modules can be combined as needed.

FAStplant® – Flexible Assembly Line

The innovative assembly system FAStplant® originated here. Thanks to its modularity and flexibility, FAStplant® is tailor made for test runs with a view towards productivity and ergonomics. In this test facility, new assembly concepts are also tested, such as ergonomic workstation design. FAStplant® fulfills specific customer requirements with the possibility to flexibly convert an existing line and change the level of automation.

Our service portfolio

  • Trials of assembly processes
  • Analysis of different vehicle geometries
  • Use of different handling devices
  • Flexible work space design
  • Test setup for construction and commissioning of various hangers