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Gluing and sealing applicators enable high-viscosity materials to be applied. Non-contact applicator heads are available, as are contact versions for such tasks as gluing triangular beads.

Sealing applicators

EcoGun 1D – Single-nozzle applicator for sealing

The EcoGun 1D is an ideal applicator for coating the underbody area. It combines impressively simple technology with a top-quality application pattern. Material circulation via the gun is possible, as is the recording of application pressure and temperature. Optional sensor technology can be integrated for this purpose.

EcoGun2 3D – The universal applicator

The EcoGun2 3D enables the use of up to three nozzles and a choice of three different application angles: 0°, 45° and 90°. The valves are directly integrated in the nozzle seat head to reduce the material volume between the needle valve and nozzle. The design of the EcoGun2 3D ensures application seams of optimum quality. The applicator can be fitted with lances of various lengths, and is suitable for all types of application from spraying insulating mats to sealing fine seams.

EcoGun2 MD

The EcoGun2 MD is used in areas requiring coatings with a high edge definition. In automotive production, these coatings are primarily around the sill. The EcoGun2 MD dispenses with the need to mask the sill.  Application takes place in several passes, and airless and flatstream methods can be combined.

Gluing applicators

Gluing body in white – Constant high-quality gluing

These applicators can apply high-viscosity adhesives with different cross sections and using different techniques. Electric applicator heads are suitable for swirl application and short beads, while pneumatic heads are used for wide slot spraying, flatstream and bead application. They ensure an optimum, reproducible process, resulting in constant quality during gluing operations.

Gluing in final assembly – Applicators for perfect quality

Dürr applicators enable high-viscosity adhesives with different bead cross sections to be applied. The applicators are suitable for both robot application and stationary use on the bonding tower. The valves are incorporated in the nozzle seat head, which reduces the material volume between the applicator valve and nozzle. It also ensures perfect quality at the beginning and end of the bead. An additional axis of rotation is installed for triangular beads.The contact pressure on the component can be infinitely adjusted. The integration of an online bead monitoring system is used for process monitoring. Dürr offers applicators for 1K and 2K adhesive systems. Speed-dependent dosing enables efficient processes.