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Service.X Parts – Replacement & spare parts

Dürr has a global spare and replacement parts stocking and distribution network, with parts inventory available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A wide variety of spare and or replacement parts may be needed, which frequently have to be obtained using complex processes. To keep your work to a minimum, Dürr provides a complete spare parts logistics package. This means that we make the ordering process easy and guarantee fast deliveries, expert repairs, and the installation of the spare parts all over the world.

It is often not possible to identify immediately which component is faulty and needs to be replaced. Finding the relevant component can be time-consuming. Therefore, one of the services Dürr provides is the identification of the spare parts required. Our employees' extensive knowledge of air pollution control systems and web processing lines allows us to provide you with help immediately. We attempt to locate the fault as quickly as possible. Once we have completed this process, it is generally very easy to determine which component of the system needs to be replaced.

We also ensure that older systems are operating at their best and offer appropriate spare parts solutions.
If the air pollution control system cannot be repaired immediately, Dürr can also provide original equipment and emergency packages to ensure that the unit is not in a dangerous condition and does not present a risk to employees.

Replacement and spare parts

Replacement or spare parts are available for all Dürr equipment, including:

  • TEC Systems: dryers and ovens
  • MEGTEC: all products
  • LTB: Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth GmbH (LTB) oxidizers and other equipment
  • KBA-CleanAir: KBA oxidizers
  • Wolverine: oxidizers
  • MEG: dryers, splicers, and pasters
  • Thermo Wisconsin: dryers, ovens, and thermal oxidizers
  • KATEC: thermal recuperative oxidizers
  • Enkel/Amal: splicers and pasters
  • Vara International/Vara Technologies/Barneby Sutcliffe/Calgon Carbon: solvent recovery in the United States
  • Suttcliffe Croftshaw/Sutcliffe Croftshaw: solvent recovery in the United Kingdom and Europe
  • Ross Air Systems: dryers and RTOs
  • TurboSonic Technologies, Inc.: particulate control and liquid atomization technologies
  • Salem: catalytic oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers, and concentrator systems
  • Reeco: catalytic oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers, and concentrator systems

Support on older electronic components

Let us create a strategy for addressing obsolescence of electronic components that are critical to the operation of your regenerative thermal oxidizer, recuperative thermal oxidizer, concentrator, dryer, and other process air treatment systems.

As electronic components reach their end-of-life, due to technology advances, direct replacement may not be an option. New software and hardware is frequently incompatible with older equipment. Lack of availability may create unacceptable risk.

Budget and plan now for your next years costs. Don’t let your legacy manufacturing equipment be brought to a standstill. Costs to upgrade can be high, but lack of planning will be even higher.

In the short term, our team of qualified controls engineers can help identify and evaluate possible solutions. Is an upgrade, or capital replacement, to be part of the plan?

In the long term, our team of qualified controls engineers can help to develop and implement a solution for each type of legacy equipment.

Start the conversation today by asking your team these initial questions.

Parts availability

  • Replacement and spare parts based on your equipment record
  • Consumable parts such as splice tape, splicing tabs, brakes, gasketing, and ignitors
  • Upgrade kits to improve equipment reliability and efficiency
  • New dampers or burners for your equipment or expansion projects