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Spare Parts & Tools

Request spare parts online

Each of our filling equipment quotation includes an optional spare parts package according to your requirements. This can be extended or accumulated at a later date. You can order your individual spare parts package 24h a day on 365 days a year.

You can also request your spare parts directly here. We only need to know the name or parts number of the requested spare parts. Just fill in the corresponding fields in our standard form and your address details – ready to send. As simple as it can be!

Furthermore we guarantee the optimal system compatibility of the supplied spare parts.

24h spare part delivery

Order Dürr original spare parts and tools for reliable performance of your filling equipment.

We offer you

  • 24h delivery ex works for spare parts in stock
  • Exclusive usage of original spare parts guarantee full system compatibility
  • Local warehouses with spare parts in stock in in China, Brasil, Russia, South Africa, USA, India and Mexico
  • Individual consulting and quotation preparation

Spare Parts Online

Spare Parts
Dürr Somac GmbH
Zwickauer Str. 30
09366 Stollberg

Mobile Adapter Tester (MAT)

The Mobile Adapter Tester (MAT) from Dürr Somac is universal, portable and smart. The automated MAT rapidly tests Somac® filling adapters to check for leaks and proper functioning and to ensure that the filling process is running smoothly. The MAT is suitable for all standard adapter types, generations and medias (brake fluid, coolant, power steering and non-flammable refrigerant). An integrated touch panel is used for visualization, and digital test reports can be generated automatically via optional access to a web server.

Test Box for A/C Filling Equipment

The R1234yf filling stations are designed corresponding to the requirements of the European
pressure device directive 2014/68/EU. The first filling of a repaired filling adapter or part of the
equipment is only allowed after a successful pressure loss measurement.


  • Test if there is remaining gas R1234yf
  • Adapter or equipment test if there are big leaks with 5 bar
  • Adapter or equipment test if there are leaks with 18 bar
  • Hose package test fill line and valve / vacuum line and valves
  • Test of plunger function / seal connecting nipple


  • 1 rolling case with assembled valves, manometers, buttons and connectors
  • Adaptation for R134a, R1234yf or Twin AC adapters Inlay for hoses, manual and accessories
  • Documentation / manual for testing box and test protocol for documentation of the repair execution
  • Test device Testo 550

                  Measure range                      50 bar
                  Accurancy (at 20°C)           ± 0.75 % fs (±1 Digit)
                  Resolution                             0.01 bar / 0.1 psi
                  Test connection                     3x7/16“-UNF

  • Pressure reducing regulator „EFECT“ 200/30bar for nitrogen bottle with different local bottle adapters
  • Accessories for adapter resuction, clamping HP and LP and connection hoses for Evacuation after repair and pressure test

Measurement Kit VMK

The Dürr Measurement kit VMK records the vacuum and pressure at various positions
of vehicle systems. The Measurement kit VMK was specially designed for the usage in
development departments. Use the Measurement kit VMK to detect specific weak points at
the vehicle system and optimize process times.


  • Type 1: 5 channel version with

                5 vacuum sensors 0-250 mbar ± 0,05% FS and
                1 pressure sensor -1 to 39 bar ± 0,1% FS
                1 pressure sensor 0-1500 mbar ± 0,1% FS

  • Type 2: 6 channel version with

                6 vacuum sensors 0-250 mbar ± 0,05% FS and
                6 pressure sensor -1 to 39 bar ± 0,1% FS as well as
                1 pressure sensor 0-1500 mbar ± 0,1% FS

  • Data locking module measuring speed < 10 ms per channel
  • Evaluation software on LABView base and driver for Windows 7 (Laptop optional)
  • Documentation and display indication in German, English, Spanish or Russian
  • Various test ports to adapt to the the brake system
  • Hygrometer

Measurement Kit MMK Plus

The Dürr Somac maintenance Measurement Kit MMK Plus for all your filling stations. Be prepared for machine evaluations. MMK Plus is the right connection to every measurement port within the filling stations. Compare sensor values, detect leaks or maintain the values at the filling adapter connection to the vehicle. MMK Plus was specially designed to support the maintenance staff to ensure all functionalities of various filling equipments.


  • DPI 802 Dual with vacuum 0-350 mbar, pressure 0-20 bar
  • The accuracy for vacuum is ± 0,1% FS and pressure ±0,075% FSAdapter or equipment test if there are leaks with 18 bar
  • Integrated power supply with current output 0-55mA, 24 VDC
  • Respectively one test port for brake cylinder M7x1 to M12x1
  • Various test ports for the analysis of filling stations
  • 1 test reservoir (standard for brake)
  • 2 test ports for adapter and vehicle for the A/C HP and LP part R134a / R1234yf
  • KF25/16 port for vacuum pumps

MMK Light

Furthermore it is available as MMK Light in a small padded bag containing

  • Manual measuring device for pressure type DPI 802, range 0-350 mbar
  • Charging device incl. batteries
  • 1 test reservoir for brake fill adapter

EMS Serial Tracer

The Somac EMS Serial Tracer is available in two types and serves the automatic recording of serial data streams to a data carrier. The device is used during the brake filling process to record binary traces of the cyclic communication between PLC and ABS interface vport.
The diagnostic communication between vport and vehicle ABS is part of it, too. For this the equipment internal trace cable (Pin 2 – RxD and Pin 5 – GND) is connected to the 9 PIN DSUB of the RS232 interface. This data can be linked statistically via data base scanning with filters to create reports.

You can get the following information from the content of the trace files

  • Equipment / console identification
  • Production number (8-digit VIN)
  • Type number of filling process
  • Date and time
  • Process evaluation (OK, NOK-PLC, NOK-ABS, error)
  • Process fault filling process PLC
  • Process fault ABS control
  • ABS type and diagnostics protocol
  • ABS parts number optional
  • Firmware version Vport
  • Individual process times of the PLC process steps during brake filling
  • Total process time without handling
Frank Kretzschmar Product Line Manager Service
Frank Kretzschmar
Service Manager
Dürr Somac GmbH
Zwickauer Str. 30
09366 Stollberg

Adapter Toolbox for Filling Adapters Generation 3 and 4

Our new G³Blue generation of filling adapters needs both profession skills and tools for service and maintenance. In order to make this easier for our customers we are offering a flexible set of different tools suitable for all kinds of G³Blue Filling adapters.

  • Low repair time due to “all in one”-solution
  • Function test by integrated diagnostic plug
  • Basic equipment: mechanical tools extension: electrical tools 1+2

R134a and R1234yf: Twin A/C Adapter

One adapter, two gases – the G³ Blue Twin A/C Adapter gives flexibility during the transitional period from R134a to R1234yf for the first time and reduces the investment and the complexity for the operator. The adapter recognizes during the adaptation if it is connected to an R134a or an R1234yf A/C system. The corresponding filling process is carried out accordingly. A wrong filling is prevented by mechanical and control technological measures. The G³ Blue Twin A/C Adapter can be used at filling stations with a special Twin-A/C filling module or for our normal equipment with separate module. A retrofitting of existing filling station is possible, too.

Frank Kretzschmar Product Line Manager Service
Frank Kretzschmar
Service Manager
Dürr Somac GmbH
Zwickauer Str. 30
09366 Stollberg

Calibration Kit ProLine Cube

The set is designed for the calibration of integrated vacuum and pressure sensors of the Proline Cube filling system and contains the following components:

  • EMS Sensor Interface
  • CPH6200 Process Calibrator
  • CPT6000 14130553 250mbar abs
  • CPT6000 14144543 0-25 bar abs
  • Various cables and measuring connections 

For pressure sensors and volume counter

Calibration kit for vacuum and pressure sensors

Vacuum sensors range 0-250 mbar absolute

  • Master sensor type PMC71 with capacitive measuring cell and ceramic process membrane with LCD display
  • Range 0-100 mbar absolute, ±0,075% FS Pressure sensors range 0-4000 mbar to 0-25000 mbar absolute
  • Master sensor DPI 802 Dual
  • Range 0-20000 mbar absolute, ±0,075% FS; Range 0-350 mbar absolute, ±0,1% FS

The calibration kit will be delivered in a transport case.
It contains an external power supply, intersection to measuring port 16KF, measuring ports for various pressure sensors and a manual pump for pressure generation.

Calibration kit for volume counter

Calibrated laboratory scale

  • Resolution 0,1g
  • Measuring range up to 6000 g

Density and concentration gauge

  • Ex-design for viscosity up to 1000mPa x s
  • Accuracy ± 0,001g/cm³
  • Range 0-3 g/cm³
  • Integrated temperature sensor 0-40°C

For force sensores and water content measurement

Calibration kit for force sensors

Calibration kit for force sensors range 0-1000N

  • Master sensor C2 1000N calibrated with display unit AE703
  • Range 1000N with accuracy ±0,15% FS

Including transport case and calibration frame for calibration device WlbT 800N - 1000N.

Calibration kit for water content measurement

Calibration kit for force sensors range 0-1000N

  • Calibrated measuring cells range from 0,01% to 0,35% water content

Including padded transport case.

Frank Kretzschmar Product Line Manager Service
Frank Kretzschmar
Service Manager
Dürr Somac GmbH
Zwickauer Str. 30
09366 Stollberg