Roll test stand for commercial vehicles, x-road truck

Testing technology – Perfectly maintained and ready for the future

During the development of a new test stand we can anticipate most but not all of the features that will be required in a few years. However, we can ensure with our service features that your systems are perfectly maintained and in addition receive an upgrade which ensures their sustainability in the long term.

Scope of service – Roll/Brake/ABS-Testing

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • System and software checks
  • Optimizing test cycles
  • PC-upgrade
  • Upgrading of operating system
  • Upgrading of the fieldbus
  • Modification to latest laser generation
  • Integration of new vehicle types
  • Coating, exchange of the rollers
  • Torque calibration with torque wrench
  • Evaluation of the reduced masses with comparison of the forces
  • The actual speed value in the test stand is compared to the value of a measuring device independent from the test stand