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Cyplan® ORC: Decentralized electricity generation –- modular and sustainable

Proven ORC system from Dürr now available in a new and compact layout

Dürr’s Cyplan® ORC technology (Organic Rankine Cycle) has proven itself time and again in practice, and is already used in various industries as an environmentally friendly way of generating electricity decentrally. It converts the by-product thermal energy from industrial processes into green electricity and, if needed, useful heat.

ORC systems have broad-ranging applications, from furnaces and geothermal or solar thermal energy, to industrial waste heat utilization plants and gas turbines, to engine and cogeneration power plant units. However, all the applications have one thing in common: the by-product heat is converted into electricity without causing any carbon emissions. Using thermal energy to generate clean electricity is not only sustainable. Furthermore, there are also financial benefits to reducing carbon emissions. What’s more, the residual heat can be used for district heating or for drying purposes through cogeneration.

Cyplan® ORC 50HT product development

In its technology center in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Dürr now presents the next stage in the evolution of its proven Cyplan® ORC systems. The most obvious of its impressive features is its modular design. It is even more compact, and so can be adapted to operating conditions with even greater flexibility than conventional ORC systems. It is designed for waste heat flows >150 kW and >350 °C, as found in biogas and natural gas plants. It is intended for the European market, but can be adapted around the world to different requirements.

Waste heat flows

  • >150kW
  • >350°C

The ORC technology

The ORC cycle is based on a thermodynamic process. This is similar to the well-known water-steam cycle but uses an organic fluid instead of water, which is why the technology is also suitable for low temperatures. The beating heart of every ORC module is the turbogenerator, which converts the thermal energy into electricity. The cogeneration in the ORC is >95%, making it highly efficient.
Depending on the heat transfer medium, there are different evaporator solutions as well as various working fluids for getting the most from the particular heat source. This extremely flexible layout makes Dürr’s ORC systems suitable for a wide variety of applications. Depending on the size of the turbogenerator and the system, between 50 kW and 500 kW of electrical power can be expected.

Benefits of the modular ORC technology

The modular design of the new ORC system simplifies installation and shortens the delivery time. At the same time, the customer can rely on tried-and-tested standard components. But the modular design is not the only benefit; the system control has also been updated. The evaporator can be adapted to the heat medium more quickly and easily, meaning that the customer’s individual requirements can be met with greater speed and focus. The modular installation option makes the system design more streamlined and easier to service. Dürr’s new ORC system saves time during both installation and subsequent maintenance. In addition, the more streamlined layout delivers a weight saving of 45% and a significant reduction in operating costs.


Dürr’s latest generation of ORC systems not only makes a sustainable contribution to environmentally friendly industrial processes by significantly reducing carbon emissions and generating green electricity, but also impresses with its modular and streamlined design. The next evolution of ORC systems is extremely flexible, and can be quickly and precisely adapted to the customer’s requirements. They are highly efficient and, thanks to an optimized service approach, easy to maintain.