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Dürr Universal celebrates 60 years of leadership in custom-engineered noise control, exhaust and filtration solutions for industry

Stoughton, May 21, 2019 – The international supplier of acoustic solutions, Dürr Universal celebrates its diamond jubilee. The company located in USA, India, Mexico and United Kingdom is specialized in industrial sound control systems and air filters. As a part of Dürr’s environmental technology division, Clean Technology Systems (CTS), the company offers a complete single-source portfolio of silencing products and services, providing industrial environmental solutions. With its diverse product line and innovative technologies, Dürr Universal has an edge in emerging markets to address rigorous environmental and safety regulations.

Dürr Universal was founded in 1959 in response to the need for quieting systems to control noise emerging from Wisconsin’s growing paper manufacturing industry. The products were a result of university research and the company kicked off its operations with only three employees as an engineering facility. Some of the initial applications were seen as pioneering for the times, reducing sound from industrial air-movers and large fans. “Our niche products of today are what we do with industrial turbine/compressor companies, providing exhaust systems to quiet the turbine. When originally built, these compressors were typically in the countryside, but as the populations grew, there are now houses surrounding these applications. We have designed and supplied exhaust systems for the turbine engines such that you can’t hear the exhaust noise within a couple hundred feet of the turbine”, explains Cary Bremigan, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Dürr Universal, Inc.

Clean and Quiet System
The company has evolved from primarily a supplier of individual components to a system supplier, designing and installing equipment for all aspects of performance. In the US, it has cemented its position as the dominant player in the oil and gas industry for natural gas transmission and offshore platforms. Power generation applications for noise control and air filtration solutions on gas-fired turbines and diesel engines is a key market requiring custom engineering and installation services. The company has extensive technical experience helping manufacturers and end-users meet local and global emission standards for carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons.

Single-sourced Solution
Dürr Universal is now—after merging with the Dürr Group in 2018—eyeing major opportunities to branch out geographically along with diversifying its product range. “As a part of Dürr’s CTS division, we really offer a full portfolio of environmental products, providing almost anything industry would need to clean up exhaust or process gas streams. The merger will take us into new markets like glass, chemical and pharmaceuticals. Similarly, we can assist the CTS team in providing acoustic and noise abatement components not previously offered by Dürr to their traditional markets. It also enhances our global footprint”, says Cary Bremigan. Universal’s comprehensive single-source solutions meet firmer environmental, regulatory and operational requirements, helping operators reduce costs, improve productivity, and achieve compliance targets. In particular, it is the demands in emerging markets of Asia and South America that are accelerating industrial growth.

Growing Markets
“The world is changing. 60 years ago, there was a heavy emphasis on equipment that burns fossil fuels, but as we look forward, the shift is towards more renewable energy sources and energy storage battery technology—and these technologies need cooling and ventilation, which makes a lot of noise. We see continued growth in our traditional markets as well as considerable interests arising from newer markets”, adds Cary Bremigan.

Universal, founded in 1959, was acquired by Nelson Industries in 1971 and then by Cummins in 1998. Universal re-emerged as an independent company in 2007 before becoming part of the B&W Group in 2017 and then the Dürr organisation in October 2018. Today, Dürr Universal, Inc. is headquartered in Wisconsin, USA and employs approx. 350 employees in 4 countries with two manufacturing sites in Mexico and the US.

Canister filter silencers are used to reduce noise and particulate matter on small engine exhaust. This product was offered by Universal in the early years of operations.