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EcoProFleet - A Driverless Transport System for Paint Shops

Car manufacturing of the future requires flexible and versatile paint shops. Only by creating an independent conveyor system can we move away from the restraints of rigid production lines. That’s why Dürr has developed the EcoProFleet, the first automated guided vehicle (AGV) designed specially for paint shops.

The AGVs can pick up any bodies and transport them to exactly where they need to be for the next process step, giving paint shops greater flexibility than ever before. AGVs are an alternative to stationary conveyor systems: they move the bodies independently and in parallel to one another between work stations and temporary storage. Waiting times caused by different processing times for different bodies are no longer an issue. In the event of unforeseen failures, the transport carriages can drive into other work stations, helping to improve efficiency and ensuring the whole painting process is fully optimized.

Ideal for paint shops

The driverless trolleys have been specially developed for use in paint shops, which is why EcoProFleet AGVs are paint and solvent resistant and easy to clean. With an overall height of just 225 mm, they can easily drive under all work zones and conveyor systems to feed in, transfer or pick up bodies, meaning they work perfectly together at interfaces. Integrated safety engineering, such as laser scanners, ensures optimum safety.

No long charging times

A standout feature of the EcoProFleet AGVs is their power supply system. In contrast to battery-powered fleets, the charge duration for our AGVs is significantly reduced thanks to their capacitor technology. The short periods in which the AGVs remain stationary when transferring or picking up bodies are long enough for them to be fully charged. The EcoProFleet system is enhanced with the continuous intelligent automatic control system that is connected via the control center developed by Dürr (DXQcontrol). The system ensures that all of the AGVs are always being used in the most productive way possible, allowing Dürr to offer a continuous, intelligent automatic control system on all levels for implementing AGVs in paint shops. That’s why EcoProFleet provides maximum efficiency and flexibility in industrial paint processes.

The benefits of EcoProFleet

  • Flexible conveyor system between body storage, work zones and final inspection
  • No permanently installed conveyor systems
  • Adapts easily to new vehicle models and production sequences
  • Simplified access and improved cleanliness in production areas
  • Integrated safety engineering
  • Intelligent automatic control system connected to DXQcontrol