Automobile production of the future is moving away from the production line and towards modular workstations. An important feature here is flexible automatic guided vehicles, or AGVs for short. Dürr is presenting the first AGV specifically designed for paint shops as a new solution for more intelligent production.

EcoProFleet combines tried-and-tested industrial components with innovative ideas, like a new energy storage concept. This means that AGVs are ready for operation around the clock – without breaks for charging at the power outlet.

Exact fulfillment of paint-specific requirements
ProFleet is the first AGV that has been specifically optimized for the needs of paint shops. The paint- and solvent-resistant platform is just 335 mm high. This low height means that the AGVs can go under all typical workstations and conveyor systems in order to feed in, pass off, or pick up bodies, and thus work together perfectly at the interfaces. In order to transport the heavy loads stably, the EcoProFleet has been designed with an unladen weight of 850 kg in good proportion with the maximum load capacity of 1,000 kg. The integrated technology with laser scanner and safety limit speed guarantees a high level of safety.

Intelligent strategy for energy charging
The energy storage concept with supercap technology enables smart logistics tailored precisely to the painting process. The energy stores used are EcoProFleet capacitors, which charge within just 1.5 minutes. The charging points are installed strategically in the plant layout where the AGV would be stationary anyway for passing off or picking up a body. This short time frame is enough to supply the supercaps with more than enough energy for the next section. This is guaranteed by a sophisticated fleet control system, which is connected to DXQcontrol, the central production control technology from Dürr. Compared with a battery-powered fleet, where a fixed number of transport systems always has to be kept plugged into a power outlet for hours, the big benefit of EcoProFleet’s energy concept is that all the AGVs are always on the move and working.