RoDip® M – Mechanically driven dip coating with an efficient chain drive

The RoDip® rotational painting system stands for the perfect interplay between plant and conveyor, and ensures efficient transport solutions for car bodies through treatment lines.

RoDip® M, the mechanical version of our rotational dip coating system, is robust and continuous. The system has a chain hoist on each side of the dip tanks, which pulls the RoDip® carrier and body through the process line together. A lateral V-cam provides 360° movement. Generally, both linear and rotary movement are feasible. RoDip® M is a highly reliable, sturdy, user-friendly system.

RoDip® M at a glance

  • Chain drive on both sides
  • Rotation by v-cams
  • Linear or rotary movement
  • Horizontal return lines beneath the tanks
  • Recommended production rate >40 u/h
  • Continuous operation

New features

  • One-sided guidance reduces complexity for more efficiency and optimized maintenance work
  • Multiple angled V-guides reduce turning speed in critical areas and result in lower forces on the hood for gentle emersion
  • Optional: flexible guide track for body related drainage
  • Integrated carrier-cleaning during non-productive time
  • Tiltable conveyor for longer draining times