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Transparency and control for the production of the future.

Built on years of experience in automotive manufacturing, Dürr’s MES/SCADA has become a feature packed software solution for the automotive industry. Combining breaking-edge IT-technologies with detailed process expertise has helped shape the evolution towards DXQcontrol, a modular and flexible catalogue of services for transparency and control throughout the complete automotive factory.

The unique combination of end-to-end connectivity with high-definition process monitoring enables customers to generate a seamless lifecycle for each vehicle. This traceability is available from the bare coil until the finished vehicle at the end-of-line. Through the integration of storages, nutrunner systems and pick-by-light solutions, DXQcontrol provides continuous replenishment for the production line in sequence (JIS) and in time (JIT). These functionalities enhance the existing portfolio of tracking, monitoring, sequencing and storage control solutions.

DXQcontrol Benefits

  • One factory - one MES
  • Support for various Equipment and PLC types
  • End-to-end material flow control
  • Stable production (JIT/JIS)
  • Flexible integration in customer landscape

Products of DXQcontrol

DXQplant.monitoring provides managers and operators with the necessary tools to evaluate the performance and quality of their production line. A dedicated overview of the status of each production line as well as the complete factory helps to identify the root cause of production issues quickly and effectively. At the same time, a historic overview and trend calculation provides helps to highlight further optimization potential in the plant.


  • Central, real-time monitoring and trending of equipment and processes
  • Evaluation of production performance based on KPIs
  • Integration of ANDON Systems


  • Quick identification of fault scenarios
  • Overview of production performance and trends
  • Detailed monitoring of assembly steps and optimization potential

Translating order information into concrete production steps is a challenging task. By taking the incoming orders from the customer’s ERP System, DXQproduction.control provides the necessary information about vehicle properties, upcoming orders, working times and process adjustments to the PLCs as the vehicles are moving through the production. The high variance of vehicles in combination with the management of sub-suppliers become more manageable with this set of tools.

With modern production lines, the dependencies between individual working steps are increasing. Therefore, a central solution that provides a detailed production sequence to the individual stations becomes essential. The Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) module within DXQproduction.control takes various real-time variables into account when calculating the most cost effective sequence with which vehicles and products should be produced within each shop of the factory. This gives operators a tighter control over their production targets and helps to increase overall stability.


  • Work order guidance
    • Displays, Pick-by-light / voice
  • Nutrunner management
  • Order Management
  • Production Sequencing (APS)
  • Automatic / Manual equipment switching


  • Management of high-variance production
  • Higher quality through guided assembly
  • Production stability
  • Cost reduction through optimized sequencing
  • Energy and time savings through automatic equipment switching

New production concepts alongside the increasing product variance necessitate more detailed sequencing and control of logistics throughout the complete factory. With DXQlogistics.control the logistics sequencing (APS), tracking (MFP) and execution (MFS) of products throughout the production is handled within one central solution. By combining the material- and product-tracking with a powerful storage control system, the sequence and stability are monitored and optimized at each production step.

In addition to traditional transport methods, a dedicated AGV fleet control service is fully integrated in DXQlogistics.control. The management of autonomous material and product transport orders brings the flexibility and transparency of the production of the future to Dürr’s customers today.


  • Factory-wide tracking of party, car bodies and skids
  • Material flow control
  • Continuous replenishment of material JIT / JIS
  • AGV fleet control
  • Sequence optimization with storage control


  • End-to-end tracking and transparency
  • Production stability
  • Flexible logistics through AGVs
  • Optimized sequences for production segments from Press to Bodyshop, Paintshop and Assembly.

Providing real-time transparency about the quality of product and process allows operators to fine-tune their production to the highest possible quality standard. DXQquality.management connects process monitoring with vehicle information to generate a unique fingerprint for each vehicle within the factory. Automatic traceability of processes, manual visual inspection and third-party system integration are combined to create a seamless end-to-end record about the quality of each vehicle. Identifying and eliminating systematic errors is easier than ever.


  • Visual data entry using a butterfly-visualization of the car body
  • Automatic storage of vehicle-specific process and fault information (Traceability)


  • A single, factory-wide lifecycle record for each vehicle
  • Real-time information about quality trends
  • Quick identification of systematic faults

DXQbusiness.intelligence provides the factory’s backbone in terms of data storage and reporting. With a central DataWareHouse(DWH) all information from DXQ products, legacy systems and third party solutions is available in one place. This enables users to generate the reports they need, whenever and wherever they are. Through the integration of a powerful interface and editor users have the option to create and manipulate reports according to their needs.


  • Centralized reporting solution for all DXQ products and third party solutions
  • Drag & Drop based editor for operators
  • Longterm data storage in a central DataWareHouse (DWH)


  • One report interface for all solutions
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Access to all information within one system
  • Easy monitoring of performance and quality