The ready2spray painting robot perfectly suits the requirements of the general industry and offers a unique combination in the market.

ready2spray and ready2integrate | Dürr provides complete solutions for all painting tasks in general industry.

ready2spray and ready2integrate: Dürr now offers fully equipped painting solutions for quick commissioning and easy installation in existing systems. The practical systems are tailored to the most different requirements in general industry and thus ensure efficient painting processes and the highest quality. The solutions will be presented at stand 3218, hall 3 at Paint Expo in Karlsruhe.

The ready2spray products and ready2integrate sets can be used to paint different materials like wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, or metals. The ready-to-paint ready2spray systems consist of manual or automated solutions that are delivered already pre-installed and are easy to put into operation. With the ready2integrate sets, Dürr brings together various individual components so that they can be quickly integrated into existing painting systems or set up as new systems.

General industry wants to produce surfaces of the highest paintwork quality and to this end has formulated a growing demand for fully automated application technology. Dürr services this market with fully equipped robotic systems, which are equipped with the right components according to the customers’ requirements. The range includes the compact EcoRP 10 R 1100 robot for tasks in general industry as well as the EcoRP L033 robot, tried and tested in the automotive industry for larger workpieces.

The two robots can be configured as ready2spray robots with application technology for solvent- and water-based one- and two-component paints. The systems also include the matching metering pumps, pressure regulators, and color changers. Depending on requirements, they are equipped with automatic spray guns from the EcoGun series or with electrostatic high-speed rotary atomizers from the EcoBell series. In addition, the ready2spray robots are prepared for the requirements of an Industry 4.0 environment.

The EcoRP 10 R 1100 robot is a real innovation on the market, with its compact dimensions and integrated concept. It was developed and launched on the market together with Kuka. The robot comes from Kuka, while Dürr contributes the technology for the paint application. Not only the motion control but also the process control for the application technology is housed in a common control cabinet.

Pre-configured ready2integrate sets
Dürr covers the entire spectrum of paint application from paint supply to automated paint application from a single source in general industry as well as in the automotive industry. Its portfolio ranges from control units (EcoAUC), horizontal and vertical pumps (EcoHP, EcoVP), pressure sensors, pressure regulators (EcoFlow), and pressure valves through color changers (EcoMCC) and metering system (EcoPump9) to spray guns (EcoGun) and electrostatic paint atomizers. The high-speed rotary atomizers (EcoBell) are ideal for general industry thanks to their flexible spray jet. The components are pre-configured for the painting task and put together as ready2integrate sets as appropriate to the customers’ requirements.

Dürr supports the operation of the ready2spray systems and ready2integrate sets with its global service network and international 24/7 hotline.