RoDip® E – Electrically driven dip coating with a transport unit on one side

The use of the rotational dip process RoDip® shortens the plant’s length and saves valuable building space. The rotation of the complete body optimizes the process of immersion, flooding and draining.

RoDip® E provides more flexibility in pretreatment (PT) and electrocoating (EC). This tried-and-tested system operates via an electrically powered trolley unit on one side of the dip tanks. This houses the traction and rotary drives, which keep the body on a custom-programmed path through the dip bath. For optimum control, there is also an absolute measurement system and a wireless transmission system. RoDip® E allows you to program body-specific dip curves. On request, we can identify which curve is best for a body by running advance tests at our Testcenter.

RoDip® E at a glance

  • Electrically driven transport unit on one side
  • Transport unit positioned via path measuring system
  • WLAN signal for communication with controls
  • Fast, vertical return lines
  • Continuous and stop-and-go operation

New features

  • Redesign of mechanical components for lighter weight and robust system
  • Red Dot award-winning design of the carrier
  • Different colored lighting for easy monitoring of the system status