Dürr Builds Environmentally Friendly Paint Shop for BAIC in China

Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany, October 17th, 2011 – As general contractor, Dürr is building the new paint shop for the Chinese automobile manufacturer BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd. in Beijing. Along with its quality, the equipment at this facility also places increased emphasis on ecological aspects. The volume of this contract, issued by BAIC in the second quarter of 2011, amounts to a figure in the upper double-digit million-euro range.

Dürr is responsible for the construction of the complete paint shop, including the application technology. Pretreatment and electro dipping areas will be equipped with RoDip – the rotational dip process from Dürr – with which more than 6 million vehicle bodies are coated annually. The rotational movement of the car bodies allows inclined sections at the entrance and exit of the dip tank to be eliminated. This fact not only leads to significant savings of space, but less energy and fewer chemicals are consumed due to the smaller bath volumes.

The underbody protection and the sealing line will be partially automated with EcoRS 16 robots. Type EcoRP E033 painting robots from Dürr take care of the exterior primer and topcoat painting in the spray booth. These robots allow for a reduced booth width because of their raised travel rails. The results of this are a smaller volume of air in the spray booth and thus lower energy costs. The complete paint supply system is performed with electric pumps.

Construction is planned in two phases: after the completion of phase one, 30 car bodies per hour can be painted. The completed construction in phase 2 will then increase the capacity of the plant to 60 car bodies per hour.

Rotational dip coating process RoDip by Dürr

Increasing quality and reducing costs: the RoDip rotational dip coating process from Dürr