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Overhead conveyors for final assembly

Dürr offers a large variety of overhead conveyor systems for the different requirements in final assembly.

Electric monorail system (EMS)

Electric monorail systems from Dürr are available as standardized systems and as a special solution:

  • Lightweight EMS for the transport of smaller components up to 500 kg, such as doors, cockpits, engines and other assemblies
  • Heavy-duty EMS with a payload capacity of up to 3,000 kg for transporting bodies. We have produced special designs up to 7 tons.

Dürr supplies and develops hangers with stroke scissors with a stroke of up to 4.5 m in a variety of different designs, each individually adapted to customer needs. This allows you to set up optimum ergonomic conditions for every work cycle and the transfer of logistics and transport routes inside the factory.

Vertical Adjustable Carrier (VAC)

Dürr's height-adjustable load-bearing devices (VAC) can be used in combination with electric monorail systems or the Twin Trolley System (T.T.S.®). The scissor lift ensures hanger stability and allows individual height adjustment at every work zone. Body carriers are available as C-, T- or four-arm hangers. For lifting, there is a polyurethane belt with integrated steel cables designed for a payload of up to 3 tons.

You have the option to replace conventional busbars with non-contact energy and data transmission. This results in less wear, higher availability and, ultimately, minimized repair and maintenance costs. A swivel arm system enables the transfer from overhead to floor conveyors. The system can also be equipped with a body locking device.

Thanks to its minimum height requirements, Dürr VAC can be used in almost all existing plants in the body shop, painting and final assembly areas. This provides complete accessibility to the body and can be used in flow or stop-and-go modes. The standardized, modular system meets all worldwide safety standards in the automotive industry.

Alongside VAC, we also offer rotary hangers for our overhead conveyors to improve ergonomics even further. They swivel the vehicle, providing a far more comfortable working position for underbody tasks.

Twin Trolley System (T.T.S.®)

The most silent and clean conveyor system ever designed.

The Twin Trolley System® (or T.T.S.®) is a system of modules used for the handling of loads in body-in-white, paint shops and final assembly. The modules (aluminum rails, trolleys, drive modules), may be combined in many different ways. The layout is completely customizable by adding switches, vertical and horizontal bends in the free stretches between one drive unit and the next. The movement comes essentially from pairs of two trolleys, that’s why we call it “twin”.

T.T.S.® is the most sustainable conveyor system in the market. Silent operation, no lubrication, low energy consumption are its main features. Check out our T.T.S.® presentation for more details.


T.T.S.® is available in four versions:

  • T.T.S.® classic: overhead conveyor for medium payloads (e.g. automotive industry, body-in-white, paint and final assembly shops)
  • T.T.S.® light: overhead conveyor for payloads up to 500kg (e.g. automotive industry, light components and bodies)
  • T.T.S.® heavy: overhead conveyor for payloads up to 6.500kg (e.g. aircraft industry)
  • Inverted T.T.S.®: floor conveyor

Over 60km of T.T.S.® have been installed all over the world, in 3 continents, for over 30 customers, in over 30 plants. T.T.S.® is the sustainable alternative to traditional conveyor systems.

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