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Somac® Filling adapters – For each fluid the right adapter

Give your operator the optimum of robustness, size, weight and flow rate with pneumatically  clamping filling adapters made by Dürr. All our filling adapters are well balanced for a one-hand operation. The coated surface protects the adapters in the rough industrial environment.

The integrated valves of our filling adapters control the separate vacuum and filling lines as close as possible to the system to be filled. Each valve has only two sealing surfaces and you can replace the budget-priced valve core within two minutes. This will reduce your maintenance and spares cost. The turbulence minimized design does not only increase the filling speed but also reduces the evacuation time.

Each fluid or gas has different requirements regarding the filling process, and therefore the filling adapter, too. That is why you do not get one adapter for all but the best adapter for each fluid system.

G³Blue filling adapter – Our new adapter generation

The G³Blue filling adapters are available for all standard filling fluids and are used at new filling equipment by Dürr. G³Blue adapters can also be used for existing older filling stations through different retrofit packages.

The new G³Blue handles set standards concerning ergonomics. There are two types available (in-line and ergo handle) that can be replaced by each other. The right choice depends on the position of the operator in relation to the adaptation position at the vehicle.
The handles have two shells and therefore can be easily assembled and disassembled. In addition new materials, rounded edges and an oval handle shape improve the handling  significantly. There are up to 4 colored LEDs to visualize the process besides the solid push buttons. 

G³Blue Software – The know-how within

The adapter heads consists of a coated aluminum alloy. That is why they are light weighted but resistant against damage. The adapter heads are modular designed and consist of a valve unit, clamping drive and reservoir adjustment. There are different clamping methods for internal clamping with sealing ring and external clamping with clamping claws or sealing ring available.

G³Blue adapters are the first filling adapters that have an integrated mini USB as standard. The integrated electronic allows the access to production and service information and with the help of the G³Blue Advanced Software, a 6 point calibration of the integrated pressure sensors. The adapter counts the filling operation and is able to request preventive maintenance via the equipment MMI.

G³Blue Twin A/C Filling Adapter – R1234yf and R134a

The G³Blue Twin A/C Adapter gives flexibility during the transitional period from R134a to R1234yf for the first time and reduces the investment and the complexity for the operator.

The adapter recognizes during the adaptation if it is connected to a R134a or a R1234yf A/C system. The corresponding filling process is carried out accordingly. A wrong filling is prevented by mechanical and control technological measures.

The G³Blue Twin A/C Adapter can be used at filling stations with a special Twin-A/C filling module or for our normal equipment with separate module. A retrofitting of existing filling station is possible, too. 

More adapter

The Dürr Somac Urea filling adapter avoids the contamination of the fluid by using selected, approved and certified materials such as stainless steel and special plastics.

Automatically tight screw adaptation, integrated pressure measuring, controlled air extraction, drip free design and a fast filling with up to 25l/min – all these functions offers the UREA filling adapter with a weight of the adapter head of only 2,6kg.

Our adapter can be supplied with an installation kit easily to be integrated in each filling station – also by other manufacturers.

other names for UREA:

  • Aqueous urea
  • DEF
  • SCR
  • AUS 32
  • AdBlue (AdBlue® is a registered brand name by VDA)

Fill up to 50.000 air conditioning systems without maintenance of the coupling! Our two-stage clamping coupling of the Dürr Somac A/C Power Adapter has no seals that need to be changed continuously. The separated clamping and valve opening mechanism (2-stage) reduces the amount of remaining refrigerant to 0,1g per filling operation. That does not only reduce cost but also helps to protect our environment.

We offer the original A/C power adapter also with an adaptation kit for filling stations of other manufacturers.