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Somac® G4 Blue Filling Adapter

Efficient, ergonomic and maitenance-friendly

The future of filling for vehicle systems on your assembly line is here: our filling adapter is the technological core of any filling station and has significant impact on the filling quality and process time, especially for vacuum-pressure filling. It is also the filling station component with the highest wearing potential. The 4th generation of Somac® filling adapters sets new standards for efficiency, ergonomics and ease of maintenance.

Your benefits

  • Up to 20% faster
  • 20% lighter on average
  • Sets new standard for ergonomics
  • Encapsulated electronic modules
  • Easier maintenance


By combining new materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we have created a groundbreaking design that boasts minimal weight and maximum functionality. The G4 Blue Adapter from Dürr Somac is up to 20% faster thanks to its optimized fluid flow geometry. The special valves ensure exceptional fluid flow rates during evacuation and filling. What's more, the adapters have been specially designed to adapt to each vehicle container, giving the operator optimum flexibility.


The adapter is the key tool for all filling station operators: without it, they cannot connect the vehicle system to the filling station. The minimal weight and ergonomic handle position of the filling adapter reduce the physical strain on the operator and allow them to operate it using just one hand. 

Our G4 Blue handles set new standards for ergonomics. There are two interchangeable types available to suit the operator's position when they are connecting the vehicle system. What's more, new materials, rounded edges and an oval handle shape improve the handling significantly.


The quality of our G4 Blue Adapter is clear to see in its durability, clamshell handles, digital maintenance solutions and the fact that components can be easily replaced. The adapter head consists of a coated aluminum alloy for reduced weight and scratch resistance. It is also highly robust thanks to humidity-proof electronic components and cable connections.

The integrated electronics in the G4 Blue filling adapter enable  stored data to be read and saved for further processing. The G4 Blue Access Software that is included in delivery enables remote monitoring for all connected adapters via the filling station network.


  • Testing and fault detection 
  • Firmware upload 
  • Visualization of configuration and calibration data
  • Visualization of factory settings

G4 Blue Advanced Software

In addition to the access functions, the G4 Blue Advanced Software supports the maintenance team during sensor calibration, logging maintenance data and enables them to reset the process cycle counter. This means the sensors can be calibrated very precisely and separately from the filling station. Maintenance and calibration work can be easily documented in the adapter control system with a date and signature.

The 4th generation of Somac® filling adapters is available for all filling media. We recommend using the Mobile Adapter Tester (MAT) is recommended for offline sensor calibration.


The 30% reduction in weight is particularly clear in the G4 Blue filling adapter for refrigerants as it significantly reduces the load on the vehicle A/C valve. The reduced diameter of the pneumatic high-pressure coupling allows better access to the valves in the vehicle A/C system. Depending on the vehicle design, the adapter can be fitted with a 0° or 90° angled coupling and extension.

As a single adapter for two refrigerants, the G4 Blue Twin A/C Adapter provides optimum flexibility during the transitional period from R134a to R1234y. The Twin A/C coupling ensures an accurate filling with the correct refrigerant.

As the filling pressure can reach up to 100 bar when using the R744, high safety standards are required to prevent the G4 Blue filling adapter from unclamping or leaking during the filling process. The pneumatic coupling therefore has a patented clamping mechanism that uses the medium filling pressure to ensure a reliable, safe connection to the vehicle system until the filling process is finished.

Our modular adapter clamping mechanism enables application for almost all container connection geometries for brake, coolant or power steering systems. Various liquid levels in the vehicle container can be adjusted using the stepless height-adjustable nozzle. The nozzle automatically adjusts itself to regulate the liquid level up to 88 mm. An integrated distance measuring system monitors the positioning reliably.

Complete your set of adapters with the explosion-proof G4 Blue windscreen washer adapter with fully integrated conductivity, including a handle system and protection hose. The modular structure of the clamping mechanism and the option for plug-in versions allow applications for all container openings. Water and washer additive can be mixed via separate valves in the adapter during filling.