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EcoProBooth – One spray booth for all painting tasks

Whether for interior painting, exterior painting, base coat or clear coat application, the new Dürr spray booth combines all painting tasks in an integrated plant and application technology system. EcoProBooth sets new standards in terms of energy consumption and efficiency with its well-thought-out recirculated air system and a novel approach to maintenance. This standardized box provides maximum flexibility for painting any type of vehicle from a compact car to an SUV thanks to the parallel box configuration of the spray booths.

Interior and exterior painting efficiently combined

Both the painting robots for interior painting and those for exterior painting are installed on different rails in EcoProBooth, enabling all painting tasks to be performed in one box. This eliminates the time otherwise needed to convey bodies from one spray booth to another. Tasks are distributed, allowing inactive robots to be cleaned or maintained without interrupting production. The robots can move to integral service cubicles located in each corner of the spray booth for this work. Fresh air continuously flows through these cubicles, which means employees can access them at any time without breathing apparatus. Many servicing tasks can be performed without stopping production, significantly increasing the spray booth’s availability.

Maximum air recirculation rate, minimum energy requirement

EcoProBooth maximizes the air recirculation rate, using only 5% fresh air and thereby minimizing energy demand and CO2 emissions. After being freed from paint particles in a dedusting process, the air is efficiently and inexpensively reconditioned in the associated EcoDryScrubber dry paint overspray separation system by a convection heater box assigned directly to the spray booth.

Flexible box for all scenarios

Dürr’s EcoProBooth can achieve a capacity of 12 units per hour when processing a model mix comprising everything from compact cars to medium-sized SUVs. Standardizing the size and structure allows the spray booth to be adapted to all production scenarios.

Instead of being used in a linear layout with unchanging cycle times, the painting box can be repurposed for a parallel production layout such as Dürr’s Paint shop of the future. This flexibility allows the painting process to be tailored to the current vehicle models and scaled and upgraded as needed. Even a mix of primer and primerless processes, multicoat paint applications or tinted clear finishes can be implemented in a flexible manner. Subdividing the line into shorter segments additionally allows for intelligent distribution of painting orders to minimize color changes and thereby reduce paint and flushing agent consumption.

Whether for new models, innovative paints or changing processes – EcoProBooth promises maximum flexibility for all scenarios.


  • Simple scaling, straightforward conversion and maximum flexibility thanks to standardized spray booth
  • Higher availability through rapid maintenance in service cubicles without interrupting production
  • No need to access the application area on production days
  • Energy savings through maximum air recirculation rate
  • Maximum efficiency through shortest painting time per item
  • Ideal resource utilization in the modular Paint shop of the future production layout