All systems go: Innovative heat recovery system by Dürr Korea saves money and minimizes harmful emissions

Seoul, May 24th, 2016 – The Korean company, SHINWOO FS, has opted for the thermeco2 HHR-720 high temperature heat pump on March 25th, 2016 by Dürr Korea. Ensuring energy efficiency by innovatively recovering lost heat, the application is being used by a primary supplier of chicken meat situated in Seosan in a bid to work in a more environmentally-friendly way.

The challenges faced by those managing a slaughter house often involve dealing with a range of temperature fluctuations: High standards of hygiene demand that the workplace is able to provide high degrees of heat and also extremely low temperatures. All these need to be generated in maximum cost-efficiency and with care for the environment. This was the reason SHINWOO FS was keen to install the thermeco2 HHR-720 heat pump provided by Dürr, the worldwide supplier of mechanical and plant engineering solutions. With savings amounting to 280 million KRW as well as a reduction of 683 tons of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to that of a total of 340 medium sized cars driving an average of 4,080,000 kilometers per year, the company is not only being kind to its pocket but also to the environment. “We are eager to complete the new facilities and enjoy the benefits the new application has to offer” stated the Managing Director of SHINWOO FS.

The thermeco2 machines are devised for very high heat supply temperatures and this technology is suitable for use in several areas such as the food industry, in meat processing, electronics, the beverage and liquor industry, as well as district heating. Dürr has a range of fourteen standard models which can then be individually adapted to the customers’ requirements. As Charles Seongcheol Han, Senior Engineer at Dürr Korea commented: “thermeco2 CO2-R744 heat pumps are manufactured considering the industrial environment by field, and the range has models composed of 14 standardized capacity with 50 kW~2.200 kW and can provide best solution for consumers’ requirement specifications.”

When heating, this unique pump can efficiently regain energy from extremely low temperature heat sources and provide flow temperatures up 110°C. These unparalleled performance figures and the innovation featured in this heat pump were major factors in SHINWOO FS’s decision to invest in the application: Up till now the water was heated by gas, a process which, thanks to the innovative heat pump, can now be discarded. Using the thermeco2 HHR-720 actually results in a substantial reduction of CO₂ emissions.

With utilization and maintenance training provided by Dürr Korea, the team at SHINWOO FS is able to service the Made in Germany product, and is delighted with the quality and savings the investment has brought about. The eco-friendly company foresees that the investment will have paid for itself in approximately two and a half years – a win for the company, and for the environment.