Ecopure® RTO compact design in the coating industry

Combined expertise: Dürr and LTB offer a complete range of energy-efficient exhaust air purification systems

Bietigheim-Bissingen, April 09, 2018 - Dürr Systems AG and Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth GmbH (LTB) present their wide portfolio of exhaust air purification systems and educate attendees about current developments in systems for cleaning polluted exhaust air at the leading international trade fair for industrial coating technology, PaintExpo 2018, which takes place in Karlsruhe, April 17-20.

When investing in legally required exhaust air purification technology, it is not only the purchase costs but above all the actual operating and maintenance costs that are crucial. With their complete range of exhaust air treatment and energy recovery technology, Dürr considers itself an important partner in the industrial coating industry. Their portfolio is comprised of customized, economical exhaust air purification solutions for all requirements. When combined with a Dürr heat recovery unit, these systems for treating contaminant-laden exhaust air can even provide a way to return energy to the process that previously went unused.

Thermal exhaust air purification systems remove organic contaminants like solvents (VOCs) and odors from the exhaust air in order to ensure that the official emission limit values are safely adhered to. Exhaust air purification systems based on regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) come in different sizes and technical designs, such as how the air distribution system or regeneration chambers are engineered. They differ, for example, in the design of the air distribution systems or the regeneration chambers.

Together with LTB, Dürr offers the right exhaust air purification system for every production process. They can also provide custom services to address further customer requirements, such as building site organization. For example, the largely preassembled RTO systems from LTB are ideal when a short assembly time is required. Furthermore, the flexible system allows the customer to involve their own personnel in the construction process if desired, saving additional installation costs.

Depending on the solvent concentration in the exhaust air energy can be recovered using a suitably rated heat exchanger and directly used for pretreatment, supply-air conditioning, or building services, including factory air conditioning or supplying hot water. This significantly reduces the primary energy consumption and therefore the energy costs. The combination of a RTO and a heat recovery system transforms an exhaust air purification system into an energy supply for more economical air pollution control. Dürr and LTB’s wide range of experience and products and the knowledge of their experts guarantees the most efficient solution for every painting process.


Efficient exhaust air purification with the Ecopure® RTO in the coating industry

Efficient exhaust air purification with the Ecopure® RTO in the coating industry